More about the company …

After completing engineering studies in industrial processes and a number of professional experiences abroad, including in the Uk and Portugal,  naturally turned to the field of waste treatment.

Since 2000, I have had the chance to hold both technical and project management positions, which have allowed me to develop dual project and site skills.

In 2015, I decided to take on a new challenge and created my own company. I founded VERTEK BIOGAS, a company dedicated to the field of methanization and waste recovery. Since then, thanks to my diversified experiences and my flexibility to adapt to situations, VERTEK BIOGAS has gained visibility and has built a relationship of trust with its clients.

Beyond technical expertise, the strengths of VERTEK BIOGAS are its responsiveness and mobility throughout the country.



BTS Mécanique et Automatisme industriel (+2) :  design and production of industrial processes.


Engineer ” Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers” in mechanical production (+5) : project management, design of innovative equipment.




French ( native), Portuguese, English (fluent).


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